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2023 NGA Natural Peoria Championships

  October 07, 2023 

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Illinois Central College Performing Arts Center, East Peoria, Il.

Natural PRO Bodybuilding, Physique, Figure, Bikini, and Bikini Model Super Pro Qualifier


Debut Bikini

5th - Nicole King

4th - Amand Nelligan

3rd - Robyn Scott

2nd - Taylor Stephenson

1st - Jess Orban

Men's Physique Novice

5th - Bobby Wright

4th - Jack Abel

3rd - Aaron Bergthold

2nd - Christian Payne

1st - Derek Wiseman

Men's Physique Open

5th - Andre Warren

4th - Aaron Bergthold

3rd - Christian Payne

2nd - Derek Wiseman

PRO CARD - 1st - Westin Joos

Collegiate Men's Physique

1st - Jack Abel

Collegiate Men's BB

2nd - Seth Hunter Talbott

1st - Justin Parel

Female Fitness Model

5th - Jessica O'Hara

4th - Jade McFarland

3rd - Candace Hart

2nd - Tawnya Block

1st - Tabitha Spelde

Pro Bikini

2nd - Brianna Sanoski

1st - Ashlee LeCompte - $200 Cash

Pro Men's BB

4th - Henry Miller

3rd - Mark Smith - $200 Cash

2nd - Bryan Snyder - $300 Cash

1st - Kyland Folkers - $400 Cash

Bikini Novice "A"

5th - Stacy Brenton

4th - Philicia Moll

3rd - Elizabeth Johnson

2nd - Julie Jacobs

1st - Amanda Nelligan

Bikini Novice "B"

5th - Katie Dempsey

4th - Holly White

3rd - Nicole King

2nd - Jade McFarland

1st - Jessica Orban

Bikini Novice "C"

5th - Cassie Maguire

4th - Chelsea Ebert

3rd - Jessica O'Hara

2nd - Taylor Stephenson

1st - Tabitha Spelde

Bikini Open "A"

5th - Philicia Moll

4th - Elizabeth Johnson

3rd - Julie Jacobs

2nd - Jamie Sadlier

1st - Tawnya Block (PRO CARD)

Bikini Open "B"

5th - Holly White

4th - Nicole King

3rd - Robin Scott

2nd - Amanda Nelligan

1st - Jade McFarland (PRO CARD)

Bikini Open "C"

5th - Chelsea Ebert

4th- Jessica O'Hara

3rd - Brittany Gronau

2nd - Candace Hart

1st - Jessica Orban (PRO CARD)

Bikini Open "D"

3rd - Cassie Maguire

2nd - Taylor Stephenson

1st - Tabitha Spelde (OVERALL - PRO CARD)

Master's Bikini 35+

4th - Stacy Brenton

3rd - Robin Scott

2nd - Candace Hart

1st - Tawnya Block

Figure Master's 35+

2nd - Heather Nash

1st - Melissa Barnhill

Figure Novice Short

3rd - Courtney King

2nd - Jill DeMarco

1st - Anna Krumholz

Figure Novice Tall

4th Place - Katharine Lichtenwalter

3rd - Stephanie Mulvaney

2nd - Angie Ware

1st - Sammi Sloan

Figure Open "A"

5th - Lori King

4th - Stephanie Mulvaney

3rd - Jill DeMarco

2nd - Angie Ware

1st - Anna Krumholz (PRO CARD)

Figure Open "B"

5th - Katharine Lichtenwalter

4th - Brianna Sanoski

3rd - Heather Nash

2nd - Melissa Barnhill


Collegiate Figure

1st - Stephanie Mulvaney

Women's Novice Physique

1st - Dian Covington

Women's Novice Bodybuilding

1st - Dian Covington

Men's Master's Bodybuilding 40+

1st - Rusty Batty

Men's Master's Bodybuilding 50+

3rd - Jerry Wilson

2nd - Rusty Batty

1st - Ron Mango

Men's Master's Bodybuilding 60+

1st - Ron Mango

Men's Novice LightWeight

2nd - Brandon Watson

1st - Cesar Santiago Gonzalez Rivera

Men's Novice MiddleWeight

2nd - Seth Hunter Talbott

1st - Arma Wright

Men's Novice LightHeavy

1st - Justin Parel

Men's Novice Heavyweight

1st - Matt Mirowski

Men's Open LightWeight

2nd - Brandon Watson

1st - Cesar Santiago Gonzalez Rivera

Men's Open MiddleWeight

3rd - Seth Hunter Talbott

2nd - Ron Mango

1st - Arma Wright (OVERALL WINNER - PRO CARD)

Men's Open Light-Heavyweight

5th - Rusty Batty

4th - Andre Warren

3rd - Justin Parel

2nd - Westin Joos

1st - Jude Nibo (PRO CARD)

Men's Open HeavyWeight

1st - Matt Mirowski

Male Fitness Model

1st - Andre Warren


3rd - Holly White

2nd - Matt Mirowski

1st - Jessica Orban